If you're a new transplant to the Island, welcome! Bainbridge Rental is here to serve you, just like it's served hundreds of other families over the years, both native Islanders and newcomers. We know that in many ways, the Island represents an IDEA: a small town with lots going on, friendly neighbors, slow Sunday drives in the country, fresh eggs and the smell of cut grass. It's the childhood you remember. And we remember it, too, because our story started right here. 

Old screw in wood closeup
Old green tractor in a shed
Our Vision.


When we bought Bainbridge Rental back in 2000, it was already an established business on the Island and the only place for miles around you could rent a Caterpillar. Sill is. And we're proud of our longevity and hope to continue to serve this community for many years to come.

Bainbridge Rental is owned and operated by us: the husband and wife team, John and Sherri Eckert. You'll always find us behind the counter or on the phone because we believe that we're the face of our business and we want to know you, our neighbors.

We believe in bringing you the kind of friendly service and hands on instruction that used to be commonplace. We want to help you get what you need and get on to your projects. We're on a first name basis with most of our customers because to us, having a business on Bainbridge Island is our opportunity to be your neighborhood DIY partner, a role we've happily filled since 1960.

Old rusty hammer on wood
Vintage wood nails on green wood
Our (motley) crew. 

We're blessed to have some very long term employees with us, and we think of them as the backbone of our business family. They eat at our table and we love their kids. And we couldn't run this business without them. We also have some actual family members who work here from time to time: Mr. Handyman himself, Uncle Randy and his sister, Beverly June. 

We'd like you to meet them, say "hey," and introduce yourself if we don't know you already. Heck, the whole Island is just a big, 'ol family, anyhow, so we should all be on a first name basis, don't you think?

Meet our team.