Knowledge is power. Not the kind that keeps the lights on, but still.

Do you ever feel like "handy" people speak their own language? Well, they kinda do. But we've tried to take the mystery out of things a bit by providing you with some helpful videos from our own YouTube playlist, as well as a glossary of words handy people like to throw around (showoffs). Take a look around--we hope you find this information useful. And don't hesitate to ask us any questions you like.

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Helpful videos


Our YouTube Channel is a great resource we've put together for you and it's regularly updated  with videos that we hope you'll find helpful. Topics include "How to Winterize Your Lawn Tractor" and "How to Roll Grass Seed Into Place for Amazing Germination."  Grab a beer and some friends and have a Monday Night How To viewing party by clicking the link embedded in the "Helpful videos" title above.


Glossary of common terms for landscapers, contractors & lumberjacks


Yes, LUMBERJACKS. Because they're too cool to not include in this list. Enjoy this Lumberjack Dictionary. For  LANDSCAPERS and those of you new to CONTRACTORS,  we have dictionaries for you, too. Just click on the word and be amazed by the lingo, jargon, common tongue, et al of these trades. And if you really want to be impressed and test your lumberjack vocabulary, check out the Lumberjack World Championships.


Ethanol: How bad is it really?


Ethanol is a hot button issue today and there are pros and cons to its use. But because we want your gear to be powered properly, we thought we'd give you some solid information from Chris Andrews of Axle Addict, the "advice and know-how on the nuts and bolts of all things motorized" blog. 


FAQ & our privacy policies, terms & conditions


Our phones ring all day, every day, and we get some similar questions we thought we'd compile for you here, just in case you were gonna give us a jingle. We also like to put all our cards on the table and hope you'll do the same for us, so here's some legal stuff we need to add to make you aware of how we do things. 

Frequently asked questions

Do you deliver?

Yes! We're happy to get items to you or pick them up from you, as long as the address is on Bainbridge Island. Round trip fee is $65.00

Do you service products other than Stihl?

Yes! For handheld power tools, we only service Stihl products, but for mowers, generators, rototillers, etc, we service all other brands.

What is a machine inspection and how much does it cost?

A machine inspection is an examination of your gear by one of our highly qualified service guys. They'll determine what's wrong and give you an estimate of necessary repairs and cost. 30 minutes/$50.00

Do you rent trailers?

Sorry, no. We have big hearts but not a big space.

Do you rent baby items, medical supplies or household goods?

No, we don't rent these items for liability reasons. But, we recommend Tim's Home Medical Supplies in Bremerton and Rent A Center in Bremerton.