Happy smiling couple

"Big John" & Sherri Eckert 


18 yrs

The duo that takes care of all your rental needs: garden, home or party. You can count on them both to put customers first and treat their employees with integrity. 

Man with beard in Stihl cap


Our resident leprechaun with the infectious laugh. He was an extra in Braveheart. Just kidding, but he totally could have been.

5 yrs

Smiling man with beard in hoodie


Father of two and a professional farmer as well, Aaron is our calm in the storm guy who can fix almost anything.

5 yrs

Smiling young man in hoodie and workshirt


3 yrs

Old-fashioned and soft-spoken, he's a true southern gentleman who always seems to appear just when you need him.

Smiling young man in hoodie andworkshirt


2 yrs

He's got a Boston accent, easy laugh and jovial personality to charm just about anyone. But he is accident prone so we keep an eye on him. For his own sake.

Pleasant looking man in button down shirt


The guy you want around in a zombie apocalypse, he remains cool and steady no matter what. He's a proud big brother to his sister and fiercely loyal as a friend.

2 yrs