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Paint brish, old paint brush

Every weekend warrior needs a little project inspiration from time to time, so we here at Bainbridge Rental have put together an "idea box" for you. 


Current topics include: How to make a Birdhouse, Planters, a Treehouse and Raised Beds. We've included links for you, so you have step by step instructions. Good luck and let us know how your projects turn out! Or visit our partner, STIHL for other great projects and how to guides.

 Storage tips
Vintage chest of drawers

Storing your equipment properly is critical for long term use, and we've compiled some tips for you so your gear is properly winterized.

From pumps to chainsaws, we've got you covered with a helpful list that you can print and use as a check off sheet.


Generator, old generator

Is Little House on the Prairie your favorite game? No? Ours either. So we've got generators to keep you powered when the lights go out.

We have several in stock to rent. Trust us, if you don't have one, you'll wish you did. It's only a matter of time.

Emergency preparedness
Kerosene lamps, vintage lamps

Emergency preparedness is a good idea no matter where you live, but here on the Island, power outages and limited supplies ('cause it's, you know, an island), can impact your family's safety and comfort. After the generator is in place, there are other things to have on hand at home and in your car so you and your loved ones are snug and secure.

Click here for a preparedness list we've put together for you and keep it handy.